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About Hempfield School District

Our district enjoys a strong sense of pride and tradition and we are grateful for all of those who have come before us to establish a vision of excellence.

We are Committed to Excellence in all that we do. Regardless of a student’s skill and knowledge level when coming into our district, we are focused on providing opportunities to reach each student’s maximum potential. We are proud of our large and diverse population and are fortunate to enjoy a solid reputation in academics, athletics, and the arts.

We believe in the importance of equipping every student with 21st century skills for success at all levels. As a staff we are committed to preparing students for their future, not our past. With an emphasis on integration of technology, offering authentic learning opportunities, and relevant and rigorous instruction, our goal is for each student to graduate from our schools prepared for whatever post-secondary option that is chosen.

As someone who grew up in a loving, but poor, family, I strongly believe in the premise that “they are all our kids” and deserve all we have to offer. I am a testimony to the power of education and caring educators on one’s life. Education has been my life’s work, but more importantly, my passion. I truly believe that all kids can learn and succeed.

We are grateful to all who contribute to our students’ success, including our staff, members of our school board, parents, community partners, and community members. I promise to do all we can to be good stewards of community resources and take fiscal responsibility very seriously. We strive to be a benefit to our greater community and with your help, will make the Hempfield School District synonymous with excellence and a credit to all of the taxpayers and residents within our boundaries.

– Brenda J. Becker, Ed.D.
Superintendent of School

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Keeping ahead of COVID-19

By providing reliable sources of information, the Jeremy Ganse Team is hopeful that we can break through the misinformation for those out there who are seeking answers they can trust. We’ll be updating our COVID-19 FAQs page as we collect more expert information, so be sure to check back in.